Jen Jurgensen – Plainview, MN

JenniferJurgensenI have been using the Couponizer for almost five years, since my friend gave it to me as a Christmas present.  It is the best coupon organizer in the world!  On Sundays when I update my stash of coupons, my younger three kids love to help.  The Couponizer is so user friendly that even the youngest of my four kids likes to help organize the coupons on the mat, getting them ready for me to file.  It is so easy to find the coupons I need when I’m preparing for a shopping trip or if I happen upon a great deal in the clearance sections of my favorite stores.  I have had the privilege of sharing the Couponizer with many friends through the years.  They all have become raving fans of this excellent organizing system as well!

Jen Jurgensen

Anna Dunkle

Anna Dunkle - June 2013I have been using the couponizer for serveral years.  I love it because it not only holds coupons for the grocery store, but cards for frequent shoppers and has a pair of scissors and a carring pouch.  I keep it in the car for convenience.  I take
it out on Sundays to clip coupons and put it back into the same spot in my car.  Great organizer.

-Anna Dunkle

Shannon Praylow, White Plains, MD

Shannon Praylow - MAYI do have my own Website – which allows me to put all of my thoughts about raising my kids and money saving ideas out to more people then just my close friends.

I do have a dedicated page on my site for The Couponizer.  Here it is, take a look.

I have bought one of the Couponizers and given it to my friend for him to use. He loved it! and so does his daughter.

I am planning on doing a class to show a group of people how they can quickly and easily clip coupons and save money without using up so much of their time. I was going to use the Couponizer as my basis to get them all started. When I am able to gather some money I will be buying them through your site as wholesale.

Thank you!

Sara Spahr from Fairmount, IN

Sara Spahr - APRILI can’t remember how many years I have used my Couponizer until yesterday.  This isn’t the first time I’ve had to retrieve my Couponizer …. but this time I did not get it back.  After shopping at Meijer in Marion, Indiana, I left the Couponizer in the cart.  I was just ill.  We went back to the store which is about 10 miles from home to look or check to see if some good samaritan turned it in.  Not so lucky this time.  After using one for so long I’m totally lost without it. Not to mention my accumation of coupons which I can’t replace. Now I’ll have to order another one and wait on it to come in!

Amy Cottrell, Louisville, KY

amy cottrellI love my Couponizer! I received it after attending an online workshop and I had no idea how great it was going to be. I love using coupons but sorting them was a nightmare. The Couponizer takes all the work out of sorting and when I am shopping, I know exactly what category to go to for the coupon I need. No more standing in the middle of the aisle (blocking traffic) trying to find the coupon. I can take out the ones I know I will need for that shopping trip and put them in their own pocket. I love having a pocket for the ones that I will need at the checkout. It keeps me more organized and I don’t get home and realize that I had coupons that I forgot to use. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!!

Sara Parris, Woburn, MA

Sara ParrisI just wanted to tell you that I LOVE this system!!!! I wanted to be able to carry my coupons with me and not have to lug a big binder, so when I saw this on Amazon I read the reviews and thought I would try it. My favorite part is the pocket for the cashier. I know its weird but I often plan to buy something and then don’t and then at the register I d have to do the coupon shuffle. Or I would for get to use it or even have my kids hold them and give them to me which is a 50/50 shot. Since getting my book in December i have save over $200. My shopping trips are saving $30-$60 ($120-$240 a month) and that makes a big difference because as a single mom I need all the savings.

Jeannie Smith, Emporia, KS

Coupon Organizer - Jeanne Smith - Jan 2013 Good morning! I just wanted to tell you how much I like (love) my new coupon organizer – The Couponizer. I received it day before yesterday and it is awesome. I love saving money, and I’ve always used coupons. This coupon organizer makes it easier than ever before to keep track of all my coupons. Thanks for such a great product. I’m telling all my friends about your product. Keep up the good work!!!

Pamela Hill, Los Angeles, CA


The Couponizer came into my life over four years ago, and I love it! It’s so much fun organizing my coupons, and using all the special features. Amy did a great job creating it. People often stop me in the store and compliment me on my Couponizer, and my couponing skills. I’ve been fortunate enough not only with the coupons I collect, but my family and friends give them to me too. To pay it forward, I give people coupons in the store, and also put some aside for my family and friends. It makes me happy to make other people smile. :) Some of my favorite ways to spend my time are with my family, friends and my adorable kitty cat Clawde.

My passions include performing and creating new ways of bringing better experiences to myself and others. My husband William and I are also part of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation BookPALS program, where we read to kids at various venues. We also have a production company, Four Scorpio Productions, where we create original content. I was raised by amazing parents who taught me how to enjoy life, and make the most of it. I believe having a positive attitude, spiritual faith, and enthusiasm for coupons is a happy recipe for living!


Veronique Perry from Mililani, Hawaii

Couponizer Of The Month!VeroniquePerry - Couponizer Of The Month!Note: Veronique is a new Couponizer Coach!  She is teaching other Army wives on her base in Hawaii, below are her comments as she delivered her first class!

Thank you so much. My class is today, I have all of the materials and the attendees are excited! The class is being held today at 11am HST on schofield barracks. I watched your video and learned some amazing tricks myself, including not using a credit card for groceries because of interest rates. I cannot wait to send pictures from our class today. I am so happy to be able to share your product and information to other spouses. Keep up the good work!

Update: Today’s couponing class was a success, 45th STB HHC FRG and 40th QM co. would like to thank Amy and The Couponizer Company for a day of education fun and coupons!  Mahalo from Hawaii!

Kari Merkel from Crystal, MN

Good Morning!Couponizer of the Month

I needed to drop you a note regarding your product.  I have always tried to have a policy to never pay full price for anything if humanly possible.  I thought I was doing an excellent job, but scoffed at the idea of taking

Our Mom loves her Couponizer!

the time to use coupons deciding it wasn’t worth the time and effort.  As organized a person as I am, (my husband frequently refers to my organizational habits as borderline OCD) it honestly wasn’t.  I either didn’t have them with me when I did my shopping, or by the time I got around to using them, they were expired.  Beyond that, I often found that by the time I did get one to the store, I could get a better price on something similar without the coupon.

Your system changed that entirely.  It has given me the exact tools I need to ensure that I am organized, prepared, and always have the coupons on hand.  It has saved me so much time in the organization, that I’ve been able to use the additional time to do a little online research and couple those coupons with sales and specials.  I never miss the opportunity to use a coupon I have for something I need because the kit I purchased included the little bag which is perfect to carry my Couponizer and my wallet so they travel with me everywhere.

I promised my husband when I purchased this item that I would do everything in my power to make it pay for itself in a month. In all honesty, I thought that was stretching it and I wasn’t positive that it was a commitment I could keep.  Imagine my surprise when I was able to utilize the product to save THREE TIMES the investment I put into it by the end of the first month.

My family has been struggling financially, especially with my husband being laid off periodically and a new baby draining the finances to the point of pain.  Thanks to your product, a little pre-planning, and making a game out of matching manufacturer coupons to store coupons to sales, I am now finally able to put nutritious meals together at home that I am proud to serve my family AND purchase a few things for me I haven’t been able to justify in years!

There are no words to express my family’s gratitude.  Bless you all and have a wonderful day!