Adrienne Cobbs from Pollock Pines, CA.

Couponizer of the Month 

I love my Couponizer!
Thank you for your article, Uncomplicate Your Coupons!  I get so frustrated with shows like Extreme Couponing because they show these women buying way more stuff than I have room for in my house. Also, most stores in CA do not allow coupon doubling or coupon stacking.  I found this out when I tried to use a coupon for the same item that I had an electronic coupon for on my Safeway Just4U card.  In fact, the computer charged me $0.50.  What I can do is use a coupon with the personalized price on my Just4U card.  I love my Just4U card because they often have manufacturers coupons on the site and I can just load them to my card. I can also print up a list that includes Club Savings and sales on it. It makes my life much easier.  I also agree with you about only buying what you need for the week.  I plan out my menu for the week before I go shopping.  That way I know just what I need.  I stick my list inside the Couponizer bag.  That way I can see it easily, I love my Couponizer!

Kim Davis @ Bloggity Blog

Kim DavisI have been couponing for a very long time, I am 51 and I started when I was 20. For years I used old envelopes tied together with a shoestring (it was a gift from one of my Brownies). After that fell apart I had no clue what to do with my coupons and I tried one thing after another. 30 years later I found a coupon helper that I can actually use and take with me.

The Couponizer is more then a coupon folder it is a system designed by someone that knew what it was like to be in the store and not be able to find the coupon you need right now! The Couponizer 10th edition gives you a lot of tools. Like it’s multi pocketed folder, in it everything is neatly arranged, coupon list, a pocket for coupons you think you will be using, a pocket for the coupons to hand the cashier, a pocket for coupons that will be expiring soon, a section for credit cards, your drivers license, cash, gift cards or what ever else you may want to stick in there so you can leave the purse at home. Then there are the sections for your coupons: produce, meats, canned goods etc. Towards the back are non grocery pockets for entertainment and travel, restaurants, services and more.

Finally there is a section for results your receipts and a coupon tracker so you can keep track of your true savings. They even give you a convenient plastic pouch to store it in! I can’t see an extreme couponer wanting this because they use those gigantic folders however for a beginner or a casual couponer like me this is PERFECT.