“The Couponizer is not only neat – it’s Neat-O!”

The Couponizer is an approach to organizing and using coupons that emphasizes planning and controlling overspending as opposed to getting as many good deals as possible whatever the cost.  More than a coupon organizer or holder The Couponizer is a whole system of tools that work together to help you save lots of money of course, but also time and energy too!  Just right for anyone who wants to save consistently with out spending your life on it!

Coupon Organizer Shopping Pockets!

One of the most popular features of The Couponizer are the shopping pockets.  When shopping at the grocery store, these pockets give you a convenient place store the coupons you intend to use (left) and as you are shopping simply move coupons into the “Checkout” pocket (right) after an item that matches a coupon has been placed in the shopping cart.  This saves time while shopping, at checkout and also ensures you will redeem all your savings!

The Couponizer System

Every Couponizer comes with the following pieces (pictured above) to keep your coupons well organized and available when you shop so you convert coupons to cash!  It’s more than a coupon organizer!

- The Couponizer booklet – 20 grocery coupon pockets, 6 other savings pockets, 3 loyalty card sleeves, 2 shopping pockets, plastic covers with elastic closure strap.

- Shopping List – tear off pad located in the front pocket of the Couponizer booklet.

- CoupTracker – coupon pre-sorting mat using when clipping coupons so you create stacks of coupons for filing into the Couponizer booklet.  The categories on the CoupStacker pre-sorting mat match the coupon pocket categories for quick and easy filing.

- CoupTracker – a list pad for recording your spending and savings.

- Carrying Bag – clear vinyl zippered pouch for storing Couponizer system.

- Scissors – handy blunt-tip with smooth plastic handles