Printable Coupons!

coupon- smallTools for saving money are definitely coupons!  Coupons in any form at all will deliver savings if you have a need for the product purchased using a coupon.  Often consumers get too caught up in the savings no matter what the product is and then wind up with food they never eat or products they never use and there is NO savings in that!

Our COUPONS page is set-up to deliver savings from one online coupon source that offers the largest variety of printable savings.  Once the coupon printer is set-up then every time you visit all you have to do is click and print.  Once the coupons come off the printer (3 to a page), you will need to clip them (use your handy Couponizer scissors) and store them (in your trusty Couponizer!) until your next trip to the grocery store.

What are you waiting for?  Go find printable savings that match your needs!  Click and Print HERE!

Mambo Sprouts June Messenger

June MessengerMambo Sprouts is offering more coupon savings on all natural, healthy and organic brand products and a fantastic summer Skin-sational giveaway this month. 

If you or a family member has food allergies, shops for gluten-free products and/or all natural cleaning products then finding savings on these types of products and many more has never been easier than with Mambo Sprouts.   
Pre-shop on their coupons page and print coupon savings on trusted brands or new brands you might like to try.  With coupon savings like these, you will lower the overall cost of high quality food and other supplies and in the end save more than money!

eSavings Blog

esavingsblog bannerAre you new to coupons? If so, we recommend visiting You will be greeted by an invitation to download a useful guide that covers all the basics about coupons.  When you start using coupons you will need to know the basic rules, then it is important to follow-up to understand any additional local coupon policies for the stores in your area. 

If you already have the basics down, then go to their blog pages and discover more money saving resources and books to keep your skills sharp.   Continual learning will help save you time and energy as it relates to chasing deals.  Check out the giveaway section, here you can enter to win a variety of items and simple instructions are provided.  If DrugStore savings are of interest to you, then here you will find help with CVS, RiteAid and Walgreens shopper programs.  Learn how they work so you are able to make the most of them. 

We are thrilled have as a member of our affiliate community and recommend their website as a destination for helping you save MORE than money!

Reusable Shopping Bags!

Couponizer Shopper Pack Banner

Normally $24.95, with coupon code: MOM2013, only $21.95 plus S&H! Offer expires 5-8-13.

Order your Couponizer Shopper Pack HERE!

Getting into the habit of using coupons to save money can be taken one step further by getting into the habit of using reusable shopping bags at the grocery store!  I don’t know about you but plastic shopping bags have a way of multiplying as fast as rabbits in my pantry.  It is hard to throw them away knowing what damage they do to our environment.  Consider these facts from

  • According to the United States Department of Environmental Protection somewhere between 500 billion and a trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year.
  • Less than 1% are recycled.
  • It costs $4,000 to process and recycle 1 ton of plastics bags, which can then be sold on commodities market for only $32.
  • Plastic shopping bags are made from polyethelene: a thermoplastic made from oil. Reducing plastic bags will decrease foreign oil dependance. China will save 32 million barrels of oil a year due it is ban on free plastic bags.
  • Plastic bags have been banned in Bangladesh and Rwanda, are taxed in Ireland, must be purchased in China and are either banned or there are proposals to ban them in Israel, Canada Western India, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Taiwan, and Singapore.
  • San Francisco was the first U.S. city to ban plastic bags.
  • Oakland and Boston are considering a ban.

So why not start now?  Start a collection of reusable shopping bags of all different colors and styles.  This way it will be fun to turn your attention towards a new way of bagging groceries.  Keep your collection in the trunk of your car or close by your garage so you remember to bring them!


The Organized Parent Blog

TOP BlogOur money saving tool this month is a blog but this isn’t just any old blog, it is a blog written by overworked parents.  Now why would we feature articles written by overworked parents as a money saving tool?  Well, if you are a parent, then this is the very place we all can relate to since raising kids, living within means, keeping a home running, meals flowing and enjoying the journey can push anyone to their limits.  However, the contributers at The Organized Parent have one goal in mind and that is to offer great products and useful advise for achieving organization of everything you can think of including time and money.  So enjoy this month’s post and visit often for a fresh perspective from the trenches.

Mambo Sprouts March Messenger

mess-callout-mar13One of the most common excuses for not using coupons is that they are mostly for junk food. What this tells me is the average consumer may not yet know of the sources for more natural and organic savings. Coupons are in fact alive and well for healthy alternatives to support your goals for healthier living. Reducing the cost of most any product these days is as simple as finding the sources that offers coupons for the brands you buy and trust including natural and organic products.

One source we have known about for many years is Mambo Sprouts Marketing. This team of smart organo-groovy-crunch-granola (my way of saying healthy minded) marketing professionals develops and executes marketing and research programs aimed at consumers who are focused on health, natural and organic products. They offer helpful educational materials, free samples and value-packed coupon books through email and in-store distribution. They publish the Mambo Sprouts Messenger to learn about the latest and greatest trends, tips, and of course get coupons! It is emailed 6 times a year and includes printable coupons for everything from yummy bakery treats to healthy snacks to whole grain ingredients to organic baby foods and over the counter all natural medicines. Load up these savings in your Couponizer to shop healthy, buy smart!

So, add the Mambo Sprouts Messenger today to your arsenal of savings tools and save MORE than money!!


Organize ME Weekly Planner

planner2Anyone serious about managing money better quickly learns that managing time better is a great place to start.  As families grow in size and age, each person will have a varying schedule of activities and the bigger the family, the more complex it becomes. So to manage this efficiently, a planning tool is needed that has the ability to list multiple people and days to uncover days when extra help is needed or plans for meals or other activities need to change.

The Organize ME Weekly Planner can be adapted to list famliy members down the left column and then fill in the activity and time under the day of the week.  This way any days that are loaded up with appointments, practices and other obligations can be easily spotted!   Planning meals and building a grocery shopping list become much easier.   Also, built into this calendar are friendly reminders of other family priorities such as healthy eating, exercise and household chores.  Also, a poignant quote from Helen Keller will remind you the “Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all!”

Shopping Lists

shopping-7nov10The first step in planning a trip to the grocery store is making a list.  A shopping list is merely a reminder of what you went to the store to buy.  Lists can be written on paper and/or digitally and even in your head if you are really disciplined!  The list will help you narrow your decisions to necessary items and then any coupons in your coupon organizer you have for list items help you narrow the decision even further if the price is right.  To shop without a list means you enter the store and everything in the store is an option…talk about a recipe for overspending time and money!  So take time to create a list before you go in the store and this simple tool will guide your purchases and provide boundaries around your spending.


This component of The Couponizer system saves TIME! Read below how it evolved into being an integral part of the Couponizer system of tools.

Cutting and sorting coupons is the most time intensive part of couponing which is why many people don’t even bother with them. When I first started using coupons I would spend hours clipping coupons only to realize the majority of the coupons I clipped never got used. Then also, filing coupons one by one into each coupon pocket seems to drag the whole process out. So I decided one day to create a sorting mat for myself. I created a layout of all the categories in my coupon organizer on a mat made from two 8.5″ X 11 sheets of paper taped together.


As I clipped a coupon, I put it on the mat and before long I had a mat filled with stacks of coupons neatly arranged by category. The when I went to file my coupons, I was filing stacks instead of one by one. I was finished in half the time and it gave me a chance to see what coupons were still in the pockets and decide what to do with them then.

I named my sorting mat the CoupStacker and named my coupon organizer The Couponizer, put these 2 components together with a shopping list, savings tracking pad called the CoupTracker, a carrying bag and scissors, packaged it all together and put it out for others to try. If you are looking to save time in the process of clipping and sorting coupons, give the CoupStacker a try!   You receive the CoupStacker packaged inside the Couponizer system so you have all the tools needed for efficient coupon organization.

Coupon Clipper

One of my favorite mobile apps for finding local restaurant coupons!

Download this app and have instant access to savings from local merchants instantly! I use this app to find deals on local restaurants and often check it first before deciding where to dine. I am definitely motivated by a deal which is the whole point of a coupon. It is a win-win if you ask me! Click on the logo above to check out the online coupon offerings and then look for it in the App store.