About Us

The Couponizer Company was formed in April of 2002 to support the sale and distribution of The Couponizer®, an award winning organizing and shopping system for coupons and other discounts. Developed by Amy Bergin, a Mom of three children after she realized that overspending diminishes or stops progress towards family financial goals.

What started as a homemade coupon organizer (pictured below – early test editions from left to right) has grown into a commercial product that is the first shopping system to offer more than just a holder for coupons, but it is instead a whole system to enable consistent savings.

Early edition coupon organizer - The Couponizers

The Couponizer evolved from a series of homemade coupon organizers shown above and has grown to become the most popular coupon organizer in the US and Canada! BUY one today and be on your way to organized savings!

Amy and a team of Moms who tested the early versions officially launched The Couponizer in it’s first edition at the Atlanta Home Show in September 2002.  In 2005, The Couponizer made it’s national debut on QVC as part of the Decade of Discovery Tour and sold out over 7,000 units in 7 minutes!  It went on to sell out 2 more times on QVC and in April of 2009, the 2nd edition Couponizer was released with slightly upgraded the graphics and materials.

Coupon Organizer - The Couponizer on QVC 2005

Amy is pictured with her first edition coupon organizer, The Couponizer and QVC show hosts David Venable and Christa Pitts (left) and other entrepreneurs from the July 8, 2005 show broadcast live from The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

To commemorate 10 years in business the 10th Anniversary Edition Couponizer was released in October 2011 and his newest version includes more product enhancements as well as an original artwork for a fresh look and feel.  This most current edition sold today.

Evolution of a Brand:

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10th Anniversary Edition Couponizer


The 10th Anniversary Edition Couponizer features original colorful graphics and pages that help make coupon organization easier and more enjoyable!