The Couponizer

Change your spending habits from demoralizing to economizing!

The Couponizer came about 10 years ago as my approach to organizing and using coupons to emphasize planning and preventing overspending as opposed to getting as many good deals as possible whatever the cost.  What started as a homemade coupon organizer evolved into a system of shopping planning tools.  However, one thing I quickly learned is that coupons cannot cure overspending.  If you have a problem with spending before using coupons, then turning to coupons as a cure may exasperate the problem.  Rather, turn to coupons as a planning tool to change your spending habits from demoralizing to economizing.

Do not look at “extreme couponers” with envy.  The truth is that reality TV shows logo_coupon_integrity_200x142showcase extreme couponers for entertainment not for educational purposes. Extreme couponers are typically consumers who make it their job to get the lowest price possible on as many items as possible. Often these practices blur the lines of ethical couponing and some have been proven to be using fraudulent coupons. Extreme anything is usually not sustainable, so stick with couponing in moderation and within the guidelines set forth by the stores and manufacturers and you will reduce costs and save more than money!

The Couponizer is a revolutionary coupon organizer that goes beyond clipping coupons. It is a system of tools designed to help anyone reduce overspending while buying trusted and favorite products and services at the grocery store and other places.  With the Couponizer, you will make the most of what we call the “Savings Loop” by planning wisely the money you have budgeted at home for groceries and other items you shop for and buy at the store.  Then you’ll be doing the things that make your money go further and/or you’ll save extra on each trip to put in the bank and spend later.

The Savings Loop

Organizing systems help you deal with everything from your paper to your professional responsibilities and give you parameters on what to keep, what to toss, and where to take action.