Jen Jurgensen – Plainview, MN

JenniferJurgensenI have been using the Couponizer for almost five years, since my friend gave it to me as a Christmas present.  It is the best coupon organizer in the world!  On Sundays when I update my stash of coupons, my younger three kids love to help.  The Couponizer is so user friendly that even the youngest of my four kids likes to help organize the coupons on the mat, getting them ready for me to file.  It is so easy to find the coupons I need when I’m preparing for a shopping trip or if I happen upon a great deal in the clearance sections of my favorite stores.  I have had the privilege of sharing the Couponizer with many friends through the years.  They all have become raving fans of this excellent organizing system as well!

Jen Jurgensen