Kari Merkel from Crystal, MN

Good Morning!Couponizer of the Month

I needed to drop you a note regarding your product.  I have always tried to have a policy to never pay full price for anything if humanly possible.  I thought I was doing an excellent job, but scoffed at the idea of taking

Our Mom loves her Couponizer!

the time to use coupons deciding it wasn’t worth the time and effort.  As organized a person as I am, (my husband frequently refers to my organizational habits as borderline OCD) it honestly wasn’t.  I either didn’t have them with me when I did my shopping, or by the time I got around to using them, they were expired.  Beyond that, I often found that by the time I did get one to the store, I could get a better price on something similar without the coupon.

Your system changed that entirely.  It has given me the exact tools I need to ensure that I am organized, prepared, and always have the coupons on hand.  It has saved me so much time in the organization, that I’ve been able to use the additional time to do a little online research and couple those coupons with sales and specials.  I never miss the opportunity to use a coupon I have for something I need because the kit I purchased included the little bag which is perfect to carry my Couponizer and my wallet so they travel with me everywhere.

I promised my husband when I purchased this item that I would do everything in my power to make it pay for itself in a month. In all honesty, I thought that was stretching it and I wasn’t positive that it was a commitment I could keep.  Imagine my surprise when I was able to utilize the product to save THREE TIMES the investment I put into it by the end of the first month.

My family has been struggling financially, especially with my husband being laid off periodically and a new baby draining the finances to the point of pain.  Thanks to your product, a little pre-planning, and making a game out of matching manufacturer coupons to store coupons to sales, I am now finally able to put nutritious meals together at home that I am proud to serve my family AND purchase a few things for me I haven’t been able to justify in years!

There are no words to express my family’s gratitude.  Bless you all and have a wonderful day!