Pamela Hill, Los Angeles, CA


The Couponizer came into my life over four years ago, and I love it! It’s so much fun organizing my coupons, and using all the special features. Amy did a great job creating it. People often stop me in the store and compliment me on my Couponizer, and my couponing skills. I’ve been fortunate enough not only with the coupons I collect, but my family and friends give them to me too. To pay it forward, I give people coupons in the store, and also put some aside for my family and friends. It makes me happy to make other people smile. :) Some of my favorite ways to spend my time are with my family, friends and my adorable kitty cat Clawde.

My passions include performing and creating new ways of bringing better experiences to myself and others. My husband William and I are also part of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation BookPALS program, where we read to kids at various venues. We also have a production company, Four Scorpio Productions, where we create original content. I was raised by amazing parents who taught me how to enjoy life, and make the most of it. I believe having a positive attitude, spiritual faith, and enthusiasm for coupons is a happy recipe for living!