Veronique Perry from Mililani, Hawaii

Couponizer Of The Month!VeroniquePerry - Couponizer Of The Month!Note: Veronique is a new Couponizer Coach!  She is teaching other Army wives on her base in Hawaii, below are her comments as she delivered her first class!

Thank you so much. My class is today, I have all of the materials and the attendees are excited! The class is being held today at 11am HST on schofield barracks. I watched your video and learned some amazing tricks myself, including not using a credit card for groceries because of interest rates. I cannot wait to send pictures from our class today. I am so happy to be able to share your product and information to other spouses. Keep up the good work!

Update: Today’s couponing class was a success, 45th STB HHC FRG and 40th QM co. would like to thank Amy and The Couponizer Company for a day of education fun and coupons!  Mahalo from Hawaii!