5 ways to be a Couponizer!

42-15530293Being a Couponizer means applying  just the right amount of order and efficiency in your mind, actions, home and of course coupons towards your goal of being a good steward of your financial resources.  Below are 5 practical ways to do this and maintain a healthy flow of goods and savings to help you reach your goal of living within your means and enjoying a full life. 

1.  Know your priorities.
This will drive what coupons peak your interest and prevent you from clipping every coupon and cluttering your mind and organization system.  For example, if you care about healthy snacks for your kids then you will clip coupons for granola bars, yogurt, energy bars, organic cereal, etc. and pass over coupons for junk food. 

2.  Play by the rules.
Sponsored giveaways and sweepstakes have rules and so do coupons; it’s all promotion marketing by manufactures and stores. It makes sense that they would write the rules since they control the prize or prize money. So, organize your conduct accordingly when clipping and shopping with coupons, this way everyone wins.  For more information about coupon policies, visit the Coupon Information Center.

3.  Stockpile according to need.
Finding deals is the goal and when a good one comes along, by all means stock up!  However, don’t go overboard filling your basement, extra rooms and garage with free or low cost items.  This will wind up costing you and others around you something.  People who border on hoarding items obtained through extreme couponing seldom see the effect their behavior has on others.

4. Know and use what you buy.
Knowing your inventory of supplies for meals and other household items happens as a result of good planning.  Unplanned trips to the grocery store and using coupons to get cheap stuff sabatoges a good plan.  By knowing and consuming your grocery store haul with coupons within a month or less, you will keep a leaner pantry and refrigerator, so more of your money stays in your account instead of in perishable items and it will reduces waste.

5.  Take breaks.
Organization takes effort.  If you are overwhelmed by coupons, then take a break for a month from clipping. During this time, use up as many of your existing coupon supply and it is good time to clean out your pantry and refrigerator and assess your needs.  Then when you return to coupons, you’ll see patterns in offers and pick up quickly where you left off with renewed energy for savings!