Are you a Successful Couponer?

Handful of Paper MoneyWhat does it mean to be a successful couponer?  Well it depends on how you define and measure success.  Don’t be fooled into thinking you are successful if you clip a lot of coupons or end up with a lot of stuff!  Being successful as a couponer means achieving consistent, measureable results by redeeming coupons as intended by the manufacturer and/or store.  It takes 3 things to make this happen:

The 4 pillars of organziation are order, structure, efficiency and support.  If you think about any area of your life that is organized and works for you, then you will find these elements present.  When it comes to achieving measureable results with coupons, as in an actual reduction your overall expenses, not a hobby or game to fill your house with endless supplies of goods, then you have to be well organized.  This means ordering your mind and taking actions like spending money more seriously than the average consumer.

This word can be intimidating since it usually means something you don’t want to do or doing something hard.  However, if you have ordered your mind towards stewardship of your finances, then out of this comes making more disciplined choices when it comes to buying things both big and small.  Coupon savings applied to small purchases (under $1 – up to $10) can add up to make a big impact when you focus your efforts in disciplined ways.  Saying ”no” or being able to delay purchases are part of being a discplined spender who produces measurable results.

Successful couponers are keenly aware of changes in the marketplace.  For example, when prices go up or down, they know and act accordingly since this impacts the outcome.  Being aware of prices can occur simply by buying the same items or brands consistently enough to know when things change.   Awareness of other things like coupon polices, store sales and marketing trends all play a part in producing measurable results.

If you take time to concentrate on all three of these areas as you approach couponing, then you will produce results and have the time and energy to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  You will also enjoy the added peace that comes with playing by the rules and contributing to the greater good.