Mambo Sprouts March Messenger

mess-callout-mar13One of the most common excuses for not using coupons is that they are mostly for junk food. What this tells me is the average consumer may not yet know of the sources for more natural and organic savings. Coupons are in fact alive and well for healthy alternatives to support your goals for healthier living. Reducing the cost of most any product these days is as simple as finding the sources that offers coupons for the brands you buy and trust including natural and organic products.

One source we have known about for many years is Mambo Sprouts Marketing. This team of smart organo-groovy-crunch-granola (my way of saying healthy minded) marketing professionals develops and executes marketing and research programs aimed at consumers who are focused on health, natural and organic products. They offer helpful educational materials, free samples and value-packed coupon books through email and in-store distribution. They publish the Mambo Sprouts Messenger to learn about the latest and greatest trends, tips, and of course get coupons! It is emailed 6 times a year and includes printable coupons for everything from yummy bakery treats to healthy snacks to whole grain ingredients to organic baby foods and over the counter all natural medicines. Load up these savings in your Couponizer to shop healthy, buy smart!

So, add the Mambo Sprouts Messenger today to your arsenal of savings tools and save MORE than money!!