This component of The Couponizer system saves TIME! Read below how it evolved into being an integral part of the Couponizer system of tools.

Cutting and sorting coupons is the most time intensive part of couponing which is why many people don’t even bother with them. When I first started using coupons I would spend hours clipping coupons only to realize the majority of the coupons I clipped never got used. Then also, filing coupons one by one into each coupon pocket seems to drag the whole process out. So I decided one day to create a sorting mat for myself. I created a layout of all the categories in my coupon organizer on a mat made from two 8.5″ X 11 sheets of paper taped together.


As I clipped a coupon, I put it on the mat and before long I had a mat filled with stacks of coupons neatly arranged by category. The when I went to file my coupons, I was filing stacks instead of one by one. I was finished in half the time and it gave me a chance to see what coupons were still in the pockets and decide what to do with them then.

I named my sorting mat the CoupStacker and named my coupon organizer The Couponizer, put these 2 components together with a shopping list, savings tracking pad called the CoupTracker, a carrying bag and scissors, packaged it all together and put it out for others to try. If you are looking to save time in the process of clipping and sorting coupons, give the CoupStacker a try!   You receive the CoupStacker packaged inside the Couponizer system so you have all the tools needed for efficient coupon organization.