Organize ME Weekly Planner

planner2Anyone serious about managing money better quickly learns that managing time better is a great place to start.  As families grow in size and age, each person will have a varying schedule of activities and the bigger the family, the more complex it becomes. So to manage this efficiently, a planning tool is needed that has the ability to list multiple people and days to uncover days when extra help is needed or plans for meals or other activities need to change.

The Organize ME Weekly Planner can be adapted to list famliy members down the left column and then fill in the activity and time under the day of the week.  This way any days that are loaded up with appointments, practices and other obligations can be easily spotted!   Planning meals and building a grocery shopping list become much easier.   Also, built into this calendar are friendly reminders of other family priorities such as healthy eating, exercise and household chores.  Also, a poignant quote from Helen Keller will remind you the “Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all!”